Eckart Preen, head of KREFELD BUSINESS and of the Economics Department of the City of Krefeld

The Economics Department works together with both companies in marketing
Krefeld as a business centre.


Eckart Preen, head of KREFELD BUSINESS and of the Economics Department of the City of Krefeld

The Economics Department works together with both companies in marketing
Krefeld as a business centre.


Eckart Preen, head of KREFELD BUSINESS and of the Economics Department of the City of Krefeld

The Economics Department works together with both companies in marketing
Krefeld as a business centre.

Ideas can become reality.

KREFELD BUSINESS is a joint undertaking consisting of business development company WFG, property company GGK and the City of Krefeld’s Economic Department. Our common aim is to help Krefeld to establish itself as a leading business centre.

The business development specialists from WFG provide expect one-to-one advice and coaching to companies, investors and founders with regard to their business ideas, concepts and funding options. We initiate and coordinate networks and projects that make Krefeld more attractive to companies and skilled labour. We present the location, work together on a regional, cross-sector basis and provide valuable assistance to companies with foreign trade activities, cross-border networking and sustainable business fields.

GGK develops and markets commercial estates and projects, revitalising retail spaces and helping companies to look for commercial properties. It also offers co-working offices and spaces designed for companies launching themselves on a new market.

The Economic Department deals with business and project issues in connection with the City of Krefeld’s business areas. As well as this, it drives forward networking and digital city development, sounds out funding – especially for regional and European cooperation and structural projects – and uses the City of Krefeld’s international contacts to promote trade exchanges.


KREFELD BUSINESS and its dedicated team are at hand to help you in any way they can.

Eckart Preen
Managing Director
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-0

Andreas Struwe
Authorised Signatory
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-40

Elmar Klein-Hessling
Authorised Signatory for Real Estate Development
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-20

Angel Alava Pons
Adviser on Business and International Affairs
Tel. +49 (0)2151 86-1084

Annegret Angerhausen-Reuter
press officer
Tel. 02151 82074-44

Anna Appenzeller
Sustainability & Resources
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-25

Adrian Bierholz
Real Estate Development – Commercial Spaces
Tel. +49 (0)02151 820 74-27

Leonie Hasler
Skilled Labour & Employer Branding
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-42

Manon Häßelbarth
Location & Media
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-43

Dr. Simon Jenniches
International Affairs & New Markets
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-22

Iris Kremers
Property Sales – Investor Assistance
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-21

Susanne Lennartz
Project Management – Building & Development
Arranging retail premise
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-50

Markus Lewitzki
Adviser on Digitalisation, CDO
Tel. +49 (0)2151 86-1085

Rafael Markwald
Coordinator for Digital Infrastructure
Tel. +49 (0)2151 86-1086

Marleen Meyer
Skilled Labour & Employer Branding
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-30

Diana M. Ohler
Office Management
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-45

Petra Rice
Funding & Start-up Consultation
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-23

Ute Schröder
Office Management
Organisation and Events
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-10

Ricarda Stamms
International Affairs & New Markets
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-17

Beate Sucrow
Front Desk Manager
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-70

Katrin Symanzick
Accounting & Finance
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-61

Susanne Till
E. Preen’s office
Tel. +49 (0)2151 86-1081

Ulrike Viesels
Project Assistant
Real Estate Development
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-26

Ellen Waldhof
Accounting and Contracts
Property Management
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-60

Dominica Wester
Front Desk Manager
Tel. +49 (0)2151 82074-70

Company structure

WFG Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Krefeld mbH
Alberdingk Boley GmbH IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein (chamber of commerce and industry)
Autohaus Töff Töff GmbH J. Finck GmbH & Co. KG
Bönders GmbH Spedition Jagenberg AG
Borgmann Automobilhändler GmbH Kreishandwerkerschaft Niederrhein
Cargill Deutschland GmbH Krefeld -Viersen - Neuss
Currenta GmbH & Co. oHG NBG Niederrheinische Bau GmbH & Co. KG
Handelsverband Nordrhein-Westfalen Niemann + Frey GmbH
Krefeld - Kempen - Viersen e. V. Rostek & Pesch GmbH & Co. KG
Evonik Industries AG schröter managed service GmbH
Fluitronics GmbH Schulz Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Fressnapf Holding SE Sparkasse Krefeld Zweckverbandssparkasse
G. Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. KG der Stadt Krefeld und des Kreises Viersen
Gebr. Kickartz GmbH Stadt Krefeld
Mies van der Rohe Business Park GmbH & Co. KG SWK Stadtwerke Krefeld AG
Hafen Krefeld GmbH & Co. KG Tölke & Fischer GmbH & Co. KG
Hauser GmbH Unternehmerschaft Niederrhein e. V.
Hell GmbH & Co. KG Volksbank Krefeld eG
Supervisory Board
Mario Bernards Currenta GmbH & Co. oHG
Dr. Erich Bröker Jagenberg AG
Gerd Frey Niemann + Frey GmbH
Thorsten Hansen Ratsherr
Dr. Gero Hattstein Ratsherr
Stephan Hauser Hauser GmbH
Bürgermeisterin Kerstin Jensen Ratsfrau
Lothar Krenge Bönders GmbH Spedition
Maxi Katharina Leuchters Ratsfrau
Oberbürgermeister Frank Meyer Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrates
Dr. Günther Porst Ratsherr
Thomas Ross Ratsherr
Ina Spanier-Oppermann MdL Ratsfrau
Frank Steinkamp Hell GmbH & Co. KG
Julia Suermondt Ratsfrau
Lena-Marie Wagner Ratsfrau
GGK Grundstücksgesellschaft der Stadt Krefeld mbH & Co. KG
City of Krefeld
Grundstücksgesellschaft der Stadt Krefeld Verwaltungs mbH
Supervisory Board
Basri Cakir Ratsherr
Jürgen Hengst Ratsherr
Paul Hoffmann Ratsherr
Manfred Läckes Ratsherr
Ulrich Lohmar Ratsherr, 1. stellv. Vorsitzender
Frank Meyer Oberbürgermeister, Vorsitzender
Thomas Roß Ratsherr
Ana Sanz Sanz Ratsfrau
Heinz-Albert Schmitz Ratsherr
Burkhard Schröder Ratsherr
Julian Seeger Ratsherr
Ina Spanier-Oppermann Ratsfrau
Peter Vermeulen Ratsherr
Lena Marie Wagner Ratsfrau
Members of the Economic Department
Key figures on the executive body
Number of members: 18, of which 17 are entitled to vote
Committee Chairman: Thorsten Hansen
Deputy Committee Chairman: Thomas Ross
Deputy Committee Chairwoman: Lena Marie Wagner
Secretary: Markus Lewitzki
Dates: Meeting dates
Parliamentary group Name Function
CDU parliamentary group (5) Mehmet Demir Council member
Dr. Gero Hattstein Council member
Kerstin Jensen Council member
Christopher Schiffer Member with advisory function
Tobias Stümges Member with advisory function
SPD parliamentary group (5) Maxi Katharina Leuchters Council member
Ina Spanier-Oppermann MdL Council member
Lena Marie Wagner Deputy Committee Chairwoman
Philipp Einfalt Member with advisory function
Carolin Holtey Member with advisory function
Bündnis ’90/ Die S’engrènent (4) parliamentary group Thorsten Hansen Committee Chairman
Thomas Ross Deputy Committee Chairman
Axel Heimendahl Member with advisory function
Benjamin Zander Member with advisory function
FDP parliamentary group (1) Robert Suhrke Member with advisory function
AfD parliamentary group (1 Dr. Martin Vincentz MdL Council member
DIE LINKE council working group (1) Sebastian Schubert Member with advisory function

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